LOCALS ONLY... Southern Pecan Pie

LOCALS ONLY... Southern Pecan Pie


If you've never tasted Southern Pecan Pie, you're missing out on something special. In our family, it's a holiday tradition that we can't do without. Our Grandma's Pecan Pie recipe was unbeatable, and after she passed, I took on the role of the designated pie maker. Trust me, the combination of sweet and salty, with a delightful crunch from the pecans, is irresistible.


Making a Southern Pecan Pie may seem daunting, but the process is quite simple. Start by creating a homemade pie crust. You can either make it from scratch or purchase it pre-made. Then, mix corn syrup (we do half light syrup and half dark syrup), sugar, vanilla extract, flour and eggs until the mixture is smooth. Add chopped pecans to the batter and pour the filling into the pie crust. Then top the entire pie with whole pecans to make a crust. I usually arrange them in a circular pattern.


Bake the pie for approximately one hour, and the aroma of pecans and sugar will fill the house. Once ready, let it cool completely before serving. The filling will be gooey and sweet, while the pecans on top will be slightly crunchy. This pie is perfect to share with loved ones during the holidays or any time of year. Give it a try and tell us how you like our Family Recipe!

xoxo Salt + Pine

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